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attacks on u.s. forces in afghanistan, and the ongoing investigation. >> that deadly attack at the u.s. consulate in libya, we've got both covered for you with two live reports from the regions. we begin first with nbc's atia abawi joining me live from kabul. atia, we've had insighter attacks, we have -- insider attacks, u.s. forces, nato attacks against civilians, but most notably perhaps we've had that attack, the taliban claiming responsibility for the attack on a key u.s. base, u.s. joint nato base on friday. >> that's right, andrea. it's ban violent weekend here in afghanistan and it started friday night in the overnight hours when the taliban breached the perimeter of that nato base you're talking about. one of the largest nato bases the afghanistan i should say. when i've been there, i thought it would be possible to breach but -- impossible to breach, but 15 made their way in, killed two u.s. marines in their attack and destroyed u.s. marine harrier jets on the runway there, causing millions, hundreds of millions of dollars of damage and then this weekend we saw more of these i
then told telemundo he doesn't consider -- changed poll. >> egypt a u.s. ally and this tortured dance of -- nato ally -- let's get to the nbc news/mare rist, wall street journal poll and we want to dot battleground check. >> right. >> the nbc news/"wall street journal" marist poll of three battleground states show the president ahead and importantly as you point out, that the right track/wrong track -- >> put it in context. polls are connected sunday through tuesday. this is -- >> and you look at it and it seems consistent with the bounce we saw in some national polls. here it is. it is those five-point leads in florida and virginia that seven-point lead in ohio, people asking about the party and sampling, florida and virginia a little less democratic than what the exit polls showed in 2008. ohio a little more. but they also fit with what we know the campaigns are seeing which is the president got a bump. the question now, does it dissipate or not? i think that is of a concern to the romney campaign. >> this just in as they say, the romney camp has announced senator mccain will be hol
of the u.s. embassy for a long time now and they were the core group that went out yesterday organized this demonstration and then the demonstration got out of hand, so to speak, and some of the people climbed into the embassy itself, didn't attack anyone, but pulled down an american flag and put up a black islamic flag. no u.s. personnel were at risk in that incident, but what it did show is a glaring lack of response from the new islamic leaning egyptian government. what happened in benghazi was a very different kind of attack. this was a commando raid according to accounts by the libyan -- by various libyan security officials including ones we've spoken to who describe commandos, militants, showing up, attacking with rpgs, with military-style formation, at least two phases of the attack. it's a different kind of thing. i'm not saying that they -- both were inspired we are told, by this internet video, but one was a popular feeling and agitation in which people climbed over a wall and pulled down a flag, the other was a -- looks more like an al qaeda-style raid on a consulate that en
the scenes? >>s this feels like a pretty familiar pattern in campaigns where things are not going well. you'll remember andrea, in 2004, kerry was wobbly, the old clinton gang, late in the campaign, was around this time in 2004. when you get in trouble and the sort of chorus of professional republican operatives in washington sort of complaining inevitably what happens is one of theirs comes in and tries to sort of help right the ship. it generally doesn't have dramatic effects, that is, if there are structural problems wrong with the campaign, september is not the time to fix them. >> john harris with our politico briefing, thank you very much. >> thanks a lot. >>> and how are we going to protect our embassies? we'll talk to someone who has been there and seen it all and send me your thoughts on facebook and twitte twitter @mitchellreports. this is "andrea mitchell reports" only on msnbc. your moi? [ female announcer ] dermatologist recommended aveeno has an oat formula, now proven to build a moisture reserve, so skin can replenish itself. that's healthy skin for life. only from aveeno. be
or pennsylvania. >> before i let you go, jeff, jump in here a well. paul ryan s spoken out on that incredible missed call at the end of the ckers/seawks . nfs sgytand by the call, at least roger goodell is under a lot of pressure. this is paul ryan in cincinnati. >> going to start off on something that was really troubling that occurred last night. did you guys wch tt packer game lasni i mean, give me a break. it is time to get the real refs -- >> he went on to make a point, critical of president obama. but let's stick to football for a nd jeff, you know, you and chris cizilla, this is what's got everybody talking for good reason. enough already. >> this is a matter maybe for the united nations security counl. jennings had his human rhts olated for the nfl to snd up aay thllulstand, we have eyes. it's like i don't want to equate this to ahmadinejad saying in front of the u.n. saying iran's nuclear intentions are peaceful but there's a credibility gap here. >> going to believe m or your lying eyes, right,ris? >>t' aemblin because i think if you look at products that have been developed from a
worlds. [ booi ] >> what really happened during the attacks on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. john mccain lash out after the first time it was a terrorist attack. >> thought it was some kind of spontaneous demonstration, shows the level of their -- the abysmal level of their knowledge about fundamental aspects of terrorist attacks. >> and amy polar goes to washington. the "parks an recreation" star kicks off with real politics. >> are you okay? >> i would like you to leave and give me privacy here please. >> good day. i'm andrea mitchell live in new york. our new nbc news battleground map has a key shift in a crucial state. iowa has moved from toss up to lean obama president. the current electoral math means president obama would have to carry only florida from the remaining battleground states and hold on to where he is ahead to win. joining me for our daily fix, "usa today" washington bureau chief susan page and nbc senior political editor mark murray. first to you on the new battleground states, let's take a look at the map and the significance of what the president has accomplishe
-lasting impact on all of america but it's no harder felt or more felt than here at the pentagon, the u.s. military, after all, more than 6400 troops have been killed, more than 50,000 wounded in the wars in afghanistan and iraq, over the past 11 years, andrea. >> jim miklaszewski and atia abawi the kabul, what about our troops in the field, they have to feel at some time -- to a certain extent they're the last warriors carrying on this fight and that rest of the country, to a certain extent, has moved on and often does not pay enough attention to what's going on in afghanistan every day? >> that's right, andrea. it's really difficult for many of the service members here in afghanistan, some of them have been on their fourth deployment in iraq and afghanistan, some of them were just children when september 11th happened, and all of them know that by the end of 2014, the combat mission will come to an end. there were remembrance ceremonies at various bases throughout the country attended by service members for more than 50 different coalition countries, italians, spaniards, brits, kiwis an
the israeli and u.s. government today. iran closer to a nuclear weapon than has ever been in recent years. and syria you have some 20,000 syrians dead and assad still in power hanging on to power. there is a sense that there's an unraveling going on abroad and the president citing these doesn't mean we're making progress. >> speaking to iran, his point, the administration's point, you cannot deliver the kind of i'm going to attack you when you reach 20% on this percentage of your enriched uranium fuel, that a little ambiguity is a big thing that iran knows and israel knows and the rest of the world knows that the united states is not going to let iran get a weapon or capability of getting a weapon. >> first of all, i think there's a balance. you need to strike a balance. what many including governor romney and congressman ryan and others around the world have said you have to be specific about this capability point. that you have to be able to signal to the iranians and the world that just building the weapon or getting close to building the weapon, is not the red line. having the tools a
in the war zone. >>> and more news from afghanistan, u.s. forces have officially turned control of bag gram prison to the afghan government. the handover comes six months after u.s. service members burned korans at the prison. leading to deadly protests across the country and the killing of several u.s. troops. >>> 400,000 students in chicago are locked out of their classrooms today after negotiations between chicago mayor rahm emanuel and teacher unions failed to reach an agreement before midnight last night. nearly 20,000 teachers and support staff are striking today, the city's first teacher strike in 25 years. moments ago mayor rahm emanuel urged both sides to, quote, stay at the table and finish it for our children. kevin tibls joins us from the picket lines in chicago. hey, kevin. a lot of emotion there on all sides. are there any real talks going on to try to bring this to a quick close? >> well, first off, andrea, it is quite a boisterous crowd outside the elementary school here in chicago. they've been at this since 6:30 this morning and that's been the case at all of the schools t
secret outlast. >>> right now on "andrea mitchell reports," undersiege. u.s. outposts from yemen to cairo surrounded by angry protesters as outrage spread over an anti-muslim video. >> let's me state very clearly, and i hope it is obvious, that the united states government had absolutely nothing to do with this video. we absolutely reject its content and message. >> egypt's new president finally denounces the violence. but has yet to prove himself to president obama as the president explained to jose diaz-balart. >> i don't think that we would consider them an ally but we don't consider them an enemy. they're a new government trying to find its way. they were democratly elected. >> what about mitt romney? >> there's a broader lesson to be learned here, and you know, governor romney seems to have a tendency to shoot first and aim later, and as president, one of the things i've learned is you can't do that. >> after backlash from some even in his own party, romney in virginia today did not repeat his criticism of the president's handling of the crisis. >> right now we're in mournin
claims but also other elements of the v.a.'s performance in terms of this current generation of veterans and older generations of vets and romney in trying to go there, in virginia this week, showed he didn't even understand the issue he was trying to make political hay out of. the problem of suicides among veterans and says a solution is he won't cut military spending in the sequester. you know, i don't think he knows what the relationship of the v.a. funding is to the sequester. i'm not sure he knows that paul ryan voted for that sequester or that at this point wars are the way you make new veterans if he's threatening new wars in iran and syria the way he's been so threatening on those issues. we need this debate. we have problems as a country, not getting the debate from the campaign but maybe next week we will start to. >> and on nbc and msnbc, we've got lester holt and richard engel and teams of correspondents also in the field, so we are going to be having that debate come hell or high water. >> do you feel like those issues can be brought into the campaign with less than 40 days,
of the campaign. and a major military change in afghanistan. the u.s. suspends joint operations with afghan troops after more deadly insider attacks on our forces. >>> and will and kate, win a big victory against that photographer in a frens french court today. how do you stop the internet? good day. i'm andrea mitchell live in washington. the romney campaign is struggling today to deal with words from the candidate himself. statements made at a private fund-raiser in boca raton, florida, last may, secretly videotaped without the governor's knowledge. >> and governor romney also joked at that fund-raiser about the fact that his father was born in mexico, but not necessarily in a way that would help him win over hispanic voters. >> joining me now for our daily fix chris cizilla, and manager editor of and chuck todd white house chief correspondent and political director for nbc news and host of "the daily rundown," a lot of titles chuck, and nbc national investigative correspondent michael is cough. welcome, all. chuck, let's talk with you and chis about the politics of this. talk to mi
, former u.s. ambassador to israel, dennis ross, who held top jobs in middle east policy including iran and three administrations, the obama white house. a midder middle east diplomacy for msnbc and washington institute. dennis, let's talk about what netanyahu signaled he's doing today, demanding an ultimatum to iran on its nuclear program something the administration, the white house, has insisted they needambiguous. who is right here? >> imnot sure there is as wide a gap as you think. i believe what you're seeing is an agreement on the objective of making certain that iran cannot have nuclear weapons and then also i think agreeing that you have to come up with some kind of threshold to know when the objective of prevention has a meaning and it doesn't lose its content. i do think where the prime minister's coming from is, he wants to put, i think, a premium on having a clear definition of what's the point past which if iran crosses that particular line or tloesh hohreshold you'r longer in a position to prevent them. my guess he'll focus on why it's unacceptable for iran to have a nucl
>> boycott at the u.n. the u.s. is a no show to protest against iran's president speaking on yom kippur. ahmadinejad delivers his usual diatribe against israel and the united states. >> no suspension for belichick but that won't end the furor over the replacement refs. a deal in sight? does this mean to he would tackle the deficit? >>> ann romney dishes to ja leno about mitt. >> would you say he is frugal or cheap? >> cheap. >> cheap. really cheap. okay. >> do you want to know what he does when he leave the house? he turns off the h water heat. >>o yo knot hoe w we come back from the house, he forgets he has to turn the hot water heater on, cold shers, they're not that bad. >> indeed. good day. i'm andrea mitchell live in new york. dueling messages in ohio where in a few moments both ndides wi beelin ch appearing only about 100 miles from each other but with sharply different messages. as president obama widens his ohio lead in the latest polls, joining me for our daily fix, chris cizilla, managing editor of post and "whington po" pic reporter karen tu multi. chris,
in this country including michelle's father, who had m.s. and still went to work, that isn't worried about the catastrophe of a health care crisis and not only facing an illness but being bankrupt in the process. thanks to president obama, that is now going to be off the table for families. all they will have to worry about is getting better, not whether they can pay the bills. >> how tough was it for your father to make that decision in a primary to choose barack obama over hillary clinton? we will hear from bill clinton tonight. >> well, he was, you know, hillary and bill clinton were wonderful long-time friends of our father's, but my father thought that barack obama had the magic, the person who was able to connect with the new generation of voters, and it's somebody who he got to know when they were both senators together. so it was rare for him to take that gutsy primary stand, but you know what, the president as i mentioned before, made that promise to my father. we're going to make this a priority. and you know what, a lot of people told him that health care is too complicated, too
. the low 30s view it favorably. i would say the problem we talked about it, when it happened, is gaffes or errors or missteps or things you don't want out in public that make it in the public are most damaging when they reinforce a perception that either undecided voters or the public more generally have about you. that perception created i would say by millions and millions of dollars by barack obama spending in swing states is that mitt romney is a wealthy person who is buy and large looking out for the wealthy and dismissive of the poor and middle class. video reinforced that and i would say i would point to an nbc/wall street journal poll, when you mention the middle class and romney ad, nbc wall street journal asked which candidate cares more or is more focused on the middle class. obama had a 19 point lead, 53/34 on that. i don't think mitt romney wins that question even if he wins the election but he can't lose it that badly. >> chris aliz scizilla, and tha karen. thank you for joining us. >> joining me for a closer look into the race, vin weber adviser to the romney campaign and
with an ultimatum to iran. a day after iran's president denounce military threated from israel in s speech to the general assembly. >>> plus -- done deal. the replacements gke r nfdefers rike deal to end the lockout. >>> and magna what? britain's prime minister david cameron flunks british history when letterman asks him to explain what magna carta means in english. er tla m - >>ou're testing me. >> it would be good if you knew this. >> it would. >> there's that latin. good day. i'm andrea mitchell le in new york. waiting for israel's prime miertais tat u. genal aembly any moment now. joining me first, former u.s. ambassador to israel, dennis ross, who held top jobs in middle east policy including iran and three administrations, the obama white house. a midder middle ea dipma fobcnd washington institute. dennis, let's talk about what netanyahu signaled he's doing today, demanding an ultimatum to iran on its nuclear program something the administration the white house, has insisted o ighere?amou >> imnot sure there is as wide a gap as you think. i believe what you're seeing is an agreement
of her husband's speech at the u.s. embassy in east timor. >> my husband read parts of his speech to me over the last few days. i received the as prepared version, which i'm anxious when i can to compare with the as delivered version. so it's -- it's a great honor for him to be nominating the president. >> bill clinton's primetime speech bumped joe biden on to tonight's schedule. the vice president checked out the stage late last night after weather forced officials to move tonight's finale indoors from the stadium. and first lady michelle obama gave dave letterman her top ten reasons you should watch tonight. >> there will be no kiss cam. >> oh, no, no. come on. why not? >> it's got to be better than what you're watching now. joe biden says it will be a big you know what deal. >> and the number one reason to watch the democratic national convention -- >> at long last, i'll reveal who i'm voting for. >> no doubt about that. good day, i'm andrea mitchell on the final day of the democratic national convention. where tonight vice president joe biden is going to have a starring role introdu
as u.s. attorney's office and hechts of the department of justice. pete williams joins me on set. thank you for being here. you're the man who explains things to me. what do we make of this? this is a partisan football. republicans have been ginned up about this for months and months. >> the report lays the blame in arizona and says atf and the u.s. attorney were desperate to make a big case that would bring down the supply chain for the mexican drug cartels getting guns from the us and lost sight of the problems they were creating. it also says there were several key moments where people at atf headquarters should have recognized it was offtrack, missed the chance to rein it in and never warned the attorney general about it. the report says, eric holder never approved of the risky elements of the operation and didn't know about it until january of last year, when congress started to ask questions about it. >> i hesitate i look at review that you have before you, i love props, i hesitated to ever say, is this the last word. i assume it's not. where do we go from here in. >> it's not ent
's minimizing the arab spring but it's minimizing the death of -- and violent death of the u.s. ambassador, three others, and -- what -- when he said bump in the road, did he mean not to draw a parallel or not to define that event in benghazi? >> i appreciate the question, ann, because that assertion is both desperate and offensively. >> -- offensive. >> this, of course, teeing up the fact that the president is heading this way for the un, giving his big speech tomorrow at the u.n., then not meeting with any of the other foreign leaders, not with president morsi, not later this week, not returning to new york, says his schedule doesn't permit that. not meeting with benjamin netanyahu, he is going on "the view," the ladieies of the view have the president of the united states. that has caused a ruckus. >> i would say, no matter what jay carney just said from the podium there, i would guarantee you the president would like to have the phrase "bump in the road" back. i think understands that politically when talking ate the deaths not just of the ambassador but three other americans isn't go
now, greg ipp, u.s. economics editor for "the economist" and peter hart, half of the nbc news/"wall street journal" polling team, and chairman of hart research associates and politico's editor in chief, john harris, an all-star cast. greg, first to you. you're the economic expert. tell us about this jobs report and why you have a blog post saying more of the same unfortunately. >> it was a real disappointment relative to what wall street had expected this morning. the number is about just enough to keep, you know, the labor force steady, not enough to get the unemployment rate down by much, not enough to -- so that it keeps going up. it's really the same story of the last two years. an economy that's basically bumping along at around 2.5%, not nearly strong enough for anybody to really feel they're in a recovery. >> weakness in the manufacturing sector which is the heartland which is of course, peter, exactly the battleground states where you track things every day, minute by minute. >> it's going to be tough, but the other side of it is the convention was good for the democra
in the u.s. economy this year. in pipes, cement, steel, jobs, energy. we need to get the wheels turning. i'm proud of that. making real things... for real. ...that make a real difference. ♪ >>> he's completely at ease. completely comfortable. again, the best advocate that we could have for the president. i'm looking forward to hearing her and i think she will do a terrific job. >> welcome back it andrea mitchell report, or club mitchell, as you will. we just had the musical stylings of the d.c. and now we will talk about what political story will make headlines in the next 24 hours. chris cillizza. >> i kind of miss the music when it is gone. >> the music is great, all great. but better tonight. >> hard to do a live show, yeah. >> we will hear from michelle obama. it'll be a huge speech for her. and we will hear from a young san antonio mayor, castro, who could be a rising star. >> i think michelle obama will be the big star. i think we know what we will get from her. connects very well. she is president obama's best surrogate. also, martin o'malley, the governor of maryland, is speaking
Search Results 0 to 37 of about 38 (some duplicates have been removed)